Expand Access to Affordable Healthcare

I would look to increase funding to support the community in accessing healthcare that does not lead to a financial crisis for a working family.  As a nurse I have seen the end result of delayed healthcare and how easy it would have been to treat a patient early if they had the financial support to see a physician.  If we do not support healthcare the costs are passed on to the rest of the population which causes a spiraling affect of more costs, more delayed care,and more costly interventions.

Expand Assistance to Maine's Mental Health/Substance Abuse Programs

As a substance abuse nurse I witnessed first hand the shortage of finances to handle drug and alcohol addiction.  We were unable to offer many patients the 30 day program they needed to ensure that they would stay sober.  Instead we were only able to help a patient detox and then try outpatient treatment.  The patients had no access to transportation or the prescription medication they were prescribed.  

Increase The Number of Health Care Professionals in Maine, Especially Rural Areas

I believe we need to do more to draw an increased number of health care providers to rural Maine.  No one should have to wait months or almost a year to get in to see a physician in their town.  We also need to do more to keep our nurses. Many hospitals have units that are almost entirely made up of Agency or Travel nurses from all over the country because our local hospitals can't get enough Maine nurses to fill the open positions. We need to offer assistance for Mainers to become nurses, especially with the aging population of Maine- we'll need nurses more then ever.

Bringing the Community Together

Having been in the military and as a nurse I have managed many situations that were extremely tense.  The ability to stay calm, listen, and try to find common ground where you can and develop solutions to the problems we confront is important.  I am not blind to the nature of our current world where misinformation and confusion is used to pit the community against itself.  I will work to cut through the fog using best practices and feasibility to find solutions that benefit all of the community and not just a few.  In the middle there is still common ground that seems to have disappeared and I want to bring it back.


Support Change Today

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